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The Great Escape Tutoring Center is a small but expanding tutoring center inspired by the educational experiences of youth that our founder has educated across the globe.  Overwhelmed with the desire to help children find and develop the excellence within, our founder dreamed of establishing a center as an escape from life’s stresses, including academic failures due to underperformance, struggles with focus and anxiety, self esteem, learning differences, and unique family situations. The center has evolved into an academic escape for all students from all walks of life.  With a positive, can do attitude,  we use innovative tutoring practices to appeal to students who are already at the top of their class who want to be pushed further as well as engaging those students who are striving to get on grade level. 

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Shani Clayton-Wake

Founded by

Shani Clayton-Wake is the Founder / CEO of the Great Escape Tutoring Center.  She has a BS in mathematics and mathematics education from Marymount University.  After teaching secondary school mathematics  in both London, England and in the USA, she went to graduate school and obtained her Masters of Actuarial Science degree from Georgia State University.  With a tremendous passion for mathematics and young people, Shani tutors math on nights and weekends while working as an actuary.  She also serves as a deaconess and the director of the tutoring ministry at Canaan Christian Fellowship Church.  Shani lives in Washington, DC with her husband, son and a multitude of pets.  

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