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Homework Buddy

Are you stuck on a homework problem? Do you need study tips?  A homework buddy is here to help!  Our homework buddies can be booked in 10-minute intervals ($10 for 10 minutes) to help with homework of any kind.  Whether you need help writing a paper, studying for a test, or stuck on an algebra problem, our tutors are available when you need them most! Call Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Homework Buddy FAQ's

How Does It Work? 

1.  Call Great Escape Tutoring Center and request a Homework           Buddy.

2.  Let us know how much time you will need and prepay.

3.  A Tutoring Link will be sent to you within 5 minutes.

4.  Begin working with your homework buddy.

5.  The link will be available for the duration of the interval that           you have purchased.

When Are Homework Buddies Available?

Our Homework buddies are just a phone call away.  They are available Monday - Saturday  from 3 PM until 10 PM EST to give a helping hand with school work for parents and students alike.  

Things To Remember

Your Homework Buddy is available for the low cost of $10 for 10 minutes.  You may purchase as many 10 minute sessions as you like.  Pre-purchase enough time to complete your task.  Homework Buddies are not permitted to work any longer than the alloted time that was purchased.  If you only need 15 minutes, you must purchase 20 minutes because time is sold in 10 minute intervals.  

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