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How does it work?

We try to keep it as

simple as possible.

On the Phone

Meet & Greet

The first step is to meet with us via telephone or zoom  to discuss the parents goals for the child. 

Base Assessment

If you choose to proceed, the parents prepay a one-time fee of $60 for an assessment (per course).  We use the results of this assessment to help develop an individualized plan for your student.  We also may request standardized test results and/or IEP's (if applicable) as part of the data collected for the base assessment.

Discounted small group sessions are also offered at $80 per hour, which can be divided between families of no more than 4 students. 

Teenager on Laptop
Making Notes

Growth Plan

A formal individualized tutoring program is created for the student.  A tutor is then assigned and we begin with strengthening areas of deficiency while simultaneously working on problem areas with current coursework.  Each session begins with the tutor addressing problems or questions with current coursework.  




After the student has demonstrated an understanding of current coursework, we address some of the areas of weakness identified by the assessment.  The tutor will check for a demonstration of mastery of current material before moving on to rectify problem areas. After the session, the tutor will send a summary to parents of the lesson with observations as well as recommendations, if applicable.  

Distance Learning
School Kids


In the long term, once the student has demonstrated mastery of current coursework and strengthened all problem areas, the student switches over to the enrichment track.  In the enrichment track, the client provides the tutor with a class syllabus.   A student comes to the session prepared with any questions/problems  on coursework content. If there are no issues, we introduce the student to new content in advance of the teacher.  We are often able to finish the entire syllabus and textbook, which teachers are usually unable to do during the school year. Thus, the student remains ahead of the class and extremely prepared for standardized testing.  Once the student has mastery of all material, we keep pushing them forward as far as they can go, but at their own pace.  We pride ourselves on making learning fun and building confidence!  Your scholar will feel like he can do anything in the world if he puts his/her mind to it because we firmly believe success breeds success!


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