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AA&A's Program

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New Era of Learning

In an era where students are expected to be still and focused learners much of the time, we offer a specialized program for students  who live with anxiety and attention deficit struggles. The AA&A’s (Anxiety, Attention & As) program is designed to build knowledge and restore confidence in students that have loss their confidence along the way in mathematics and other academic subjects.  We believe all students can excel and potentially fall in love with math and other academic subjects with patience, positivity and encouragement.  We get to know our students and learn their best learning styles to enable us to tailor an individualized program for each student.  

Dynamic Tutoring

This program focuses on utilizing dynamic tutoring techniques to engage and get the best out of our scholars with attention and anxiety challenges. 

Individualized Program

We create an individualized program for each student based on the student’s best learning styles.  In the individualized program, we include strategies and techniques to decrease anxiety.  We test the usefulness of the strategies by mock exams, and pop quizzes.  We refine the strategies until we find the ones that work best for the  student. 

Restoring Confidence

We focus on restoring confidence in scholars through encouragement and captivating tutoring techniques that allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and have a little fun while doing so .  We speak life into our students, and enjoy watching them blossom into confident learners.

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