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Learning styles

Our approach to

We understand that students learn and receive information in various ways. Though students tend to have a favored learning style, a single student may learn best with one approach in one subject and a different one in another subject.  At the Great Escape Tutoring Center, we learn your students learning styles and tutor using techniques based on the varied learning styles of our students, adapting as necessary based on content or academic subjects.

Kids Reading Book in Park
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Visual Learners

Visual learning is a learning style where a learner needs to see information in order to process it.  To address the needs of this learning style, Great Escape Tutors will use visual aides such as charts, graphs, graphic organizers, picture aids, lesson outlines, diagrams, maps and other visual stimulation  in their lessons.

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Reading/Writing Learners

Students with Reading and Writing preferences  tend to learn best through reading and writing.  Great Escape Tutors will use books, texts, note-taking, and dictionaries in their lessons.

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Auditory Learners

Auditory learning is a learning style in which a person learns through listening and speaking.  Students that favor this learning style prefer listening to lecture or an audiobook over reading a textbook. These learners also prefer hearing instructions for an assignment rather than figuring it out on their own.  Great Escape Tutors use read alouds, discussions, verbal instructions, role playing and repeating information to engage learners through this learning style.

Kinesthetic or Tactile Learners

A kinesthetic-tactile learning style requires that a student manipulates or touches material to learn.  Kinesthetic-tactile techniques are used in combination with visual and/or auditory techniques, producing multi-sensory learning.  Kinesthetic learners often learn best through movement.  Great Escape Tutors utilize various activities to captivate kinesthetic learners including, but not limited to, labs, role playing, breaks, and tasks that incorporates building and creation.

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Learning Style Assessments

Learning styles are assessed by the individual tutors working with the students.  We also accept and encourage parent-provided information, including  IEPs and 504 Plans, that may provide additional details regarding the way students receive information. 

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